Friday, September 21, 2012

2012 Meetings

August 13 - Lenora Sibert called all interested contacts to join her at Barnes&Noble for the creation of a new writers group. They agreed to begin meeting the second Monday of the month @ 7 p.m. Laurie Kolp, Lanell Stuart and Kathy Haskins agreed to serves as group officers for the first few months. Kathy and Lenora put up their own money to start a website: and register a domain name. Kathy also set up a group facebook page:

September 10 - Sylvia Ney agreed to volunteer as group president, expressing the hope for formal elections by the end of the year. She then set up the Texas Gulf Coast Writers blog. Members expressed an interest in seeking nonprofit staus for the group and setting up bylaws. Attendees agreed they wanted an atmosphere of "sharing, support and encouragement" for the group and all visitors.

October 8 - Pamela Thibodeaux will be present to discuss and answer any questions about starting a group and seeking nonprofit staus. She cocreated The Bayou Writers Group which is in its tenth year, about to hold its ninth annual conference and boasts more than 100 paid members.

November 12 -  Nominate and vote for 2013 officers.

December 10 - Announce 2013 officers!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Welcome to Texas Gulf Coast Writers Blog

We are the Texas Gulf Coast Writers group in Beaumont, Texas. We convened our first meeting on August 15, 2012. We are excited about our new group, officers and future plans to share, encourage and inspire each other in our writing and paths to publication.

President - Sylvia Ney
Secretary - Lanell Stuart
Treasurer - Laurie Kolp
Web Design - Kathy Haskins