Monday, January 6, 2014

January Speaker: Frances Collins

Frances Collins author of Seashell Prisoners was born to her father and mother, Thadd and Blanche Collins, and was raised in Orange, Texas. Frances has five sisters and brothers. Frances was married to Owen Burton of Mauriceville, Texas for 21 years where she raised her three children Todd, JoNey, and Anna. Owen and Frances owned and operated a supermarket and a hardware store in Mauriceville. On their farm they raised cattle, horses, and crawfish. All three children participated in rodeos and horse shows. Frances, in her spare time, organized 4- H club, drug awareness program, Casa Program, parades and festivals.

In 1994, Frances was faced with a difficult decision...keeping her home and assets or leaving the country in pursuit of protecting her granddaughter from her abusive father. Frances fled the U.S. living in the country of Honduras for eight years.

Frances now lives in Orange, Texas where she spends a lot of time with family and friends. Frances works with her book doing book signings, gives talks to churches, clubs and organizations. Frances works daily with her Facebook page called Seashell Prisoners. Frances is also active in Community Church Orange, Texas serving on their Prayer Team and various volunteer programs.