Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February 22 Workshop

A special "thank you" to our presenters for making this such an enjoyable learning experience. We truly appreciate your time, knowledge, and enthusiasm!

Left to right: Laurie Kolp, Carol Weishampel, and Wendy Lanier.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February Speaker: Arlon Davis

Arlon Davis was raised in the rural countryside of East Texas by poor working class parents, Like so many of his era, and he still lives there. He grew up listening to the telling and retelling of old stories around the hunters campfire. Some of these old storytellers were by far the biggest liars and fabricators the world has ever known. 

They were stories rich beyond measure, and some could even be put in print, which he aims to do. MArried with two children, Arlon is a contractor who enjoys taking time to talk and listen to strangers because he thinks everyone’s story is important.

He's spent a lot of years listening, and now he feels it is time to spin some of those tales into unadulterated whoppers - or great books! 

To learn more about him or his publications visit the website: http://texasmanproductions-com.webs.com/