Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October Speaker: Lucy Dennis

Author Lucy Dennis

Author Lucy Dennis, born and raised in Port Arthur, thinks of her writing in the same vein as her breathing, 'needing both to live.' The 54-year-old writer graduated from Lincoln High School and soon pursued her higher education at Prairie View A&M University and Lamar University. Her studies included classes in Creative and Screenplay writing. Despite the fact that as a wife and mother she put aside her desire to be an author,  she continued to put pen to paper through the years.

Encouraged by life and a quiet home (due to children all grown) Lucy sat and wrote her first book, Thugs and Why Women Should Run From Them. Her second literary piece, The Tracks of His Tears, A Miscarriage of Justice was kindled by the harrowing experience her brother underwent due to opposition of the Jim Crow laws. "A need to silence him, death was a must."

   In the works are her novel, A Step Away From Slavery coupled with her poetry book titled Pangpane's Dance. Lucy has three lovely children and seven grandchildren. She enjoys playing chess, while discussing one of her favorite topics, politics.