Friday, July 11, 2014

July 14 Meeting

Our July 14th meeting will be a writing workshop with critiques of your WIP.

Please bring a typed manuscript of  2500 words or less for review by fellow members. You might also want to bring pens of various colors to use during the critiques.

This meeting is meant to help encourage and educate each other in regards to your own writing. You may bring either something you intend for publication or for the group contest: poems, short stories, novel excerpts, etc - for critique. You only need to bring one copy - no more than 10 pages or 2500 words.

You can hand your work to as many, or few, people as you wish. The members you choose to let read it will then write down any problems they see (grammar, repetitiveness, a lapse in logic, etc) and they will comment on things they like (word choice, character traits, etc.) You get your work back that night - no one leaves with your work, or makes copies, etc. This is meant to be a safe environment where we can all help each other grow in our craft.

For examples on how to revise and edit try this article on how to critique.